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Your safety is our priority and to help reduce injury please adhere to our CONDITIONS OF ENTRY and SAFETY WARNINGS so everyone can enjoy our facility.

Rollerzone recommends: the use of safety gear, available for purchase, or hire from the skate shop. If you supply your own safety equipment you do so at your own risk and accept full responsibility for any failure or non-performance of such equipment.

Please read and understand the "Conditions of Entry" Below.

Everyone MUST Practice the Following:

  • Please ensure you supervise your children at ALL TIMES.
  • Please escort your children if they need to visit the toilets/restrooms.
  • Report suspicious behavior to Staff or Management immediately.
  • Maintain a clean and tidy area where you are seated, and keep skates and belongings away from walkways.
  • DO NOT Move furniture. Our COVID Plan stipulates all furniture positions.
  • Be respectful to our "Staff" and the "Rink Rules", to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Parties MUST also Practice the Following:

  • Please ensure you supervise your children at ALL TIMES.
  • Do not allow anyone other than invited party guests/children into the party rooms.
  • Keep walkways and hallways clear at all times.
  • Maintain a clean and tidy party room. DO NOT allow food fights/throwing of food or damages to occur. (Immediate termination of your party may result)
  • Be respectful to our "Staff" and the "Rink Rules", to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Do not setup your party in the kiosk area when you have been assigned a room.

Conditions Of Entry

  1. Socks MUST be worn in the facility.
  2. No food or drinks will be allowed to be brought onto the skating rink.
  3. Chewing gum is NOT permitted on the skating rink.
  4. No skateboards, scooters, or bikes are permitted.
  5. Anyone under the influence of ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES must not enter and will be refused service.
  6. Please LISTEN and ADHERE to ALL directions given by the Staff.
  7. No coarse, foul, profanity or abusive language or behavior will be tolerated. Bullying or inappropriate physical contact will also not be tolerated.
  8. No pushing, tripping or rough play. No fast skating unless specifically advised.
  9. No standing still or lying on the skating rink floor. Sitting or leaning over barriers is not permitted.
  10. If you are “Pregnant”, or think you may be pregnant, have a medical condition, or have a pre-existing injury that may be aggravated by this activity, PLEASE DO NOT SKATE.
  11. No Skating the wrong way. Skaters must ALWAYS travel with the crowd direction. Even when leaving the skating rink floor.
  12. No carrying children whilst on skates.
  13. ALL exits from the skating rink MUST be kept clear at all times.
  14. When entering or leaving the premises normal street footwear is to be worn, NOT Skates or Rollerblades or similar.
  15. This facility is under constant video surveillance and by entering, patrons accept that footage collected may be used for evidence in legal prosecution, training purposes, or other.
  16. Management reserves the right to ask patrons or guests to leave the facility at any time.
  17. No refunds or passes for re-entry will be given.
  18. You accept that any social media posting of the venue; it’s staff; agents of; and patrons should be done with permission from Rollerzone. Ill remarks, defamatory comments, and misinformation posted over social media will be subject to scrutiny and may warrant legal action from Rollerzone or associated Event management.
  19. You must not photograph anyone other than your family or friends.
  20. Do not enter staff areas or help yourself to skates within the skate rental area. You will be asked to leave as a consequence.


Roller Skating is a strenuous and fast moving activity. By putting on roller skates or rollerblades, and participating in this form of recreation, you are assuming the risk of an accident inherent in this, and similar sports. It is the nature of this recreation that people fall down and occasionally run into each other. Rollerzone takes all reasonable steps to provide you with a safe and enjoyable facility. However Rollerzone will not be liable for any person in respect of any loss of or damage to the personal property of, or the loss of life or personal injury to, any person, whether that loss, damage or personal injury is caused by any person’s negligence or otherwise. This exclusion of liability does not apply to liability which cannot by law be contracted out of, for example, because of the Trade Practices Act. In these Conditions of Entry, Rollerzone includes the owner and operator of Skate International Pty. Ltd.; Rollerzone and all employed staff and representatives.



If you have any questions or feedback regarding any information stated, please forward them to:


299 Victoria Rd, Malaga, 6090

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.