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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page is here to help you get answers to questions quickly. It is designed as part of our ongoing committment to customer service. Most of the below questions have been asked by customers, and some questions have been written to provide additional information about our rink.
The questions are broken into the following categories:
1. In and Around the Rink
2. Groups and Fundraising
3. Parties
In and Around the Rink

Q. Can I bring my own skates?

A. Yes you can. As long as they are in good working order with no protruding axels or bolts.


Q. Do you have both Roller Skates and Roller Blades in skate rental?

A. Yes.


Q. Do you have different prices for various ages?

A. All our rates are "Flat Rates". All "Skaters" Pay $12 Entry, plus $3 Skate rental irrespective of age, unless otherwise stated on our session timetables. There are three exceptions though: 1. Companion card holders (Discounted), 2. Pension card holders (Discounted), 3. Chlidren 3 or under (FREE with paying family member).

Spectators are FREE.


Q. If Myself or child decide not to skate after paying entry and skate rental can we ask for a refund?

A. Generally our policy is "No Refunds". It is up to the patron to assess if the activity of skating is suitable for themselves or their children. All patrons can view the rink from our viewing windows in reception and are welcome to take a walk around the venue to assist in their decision. Please also note there is a sign advising of this policy at our payment terminal, as well as a full set of entry conditions displayed in our foyer.


Q. Am I allowed to bring food or drink into the venue.

A. No food or drink other than water is permitted to be brought in. We have contracts with our food and drink vendors that do not allow general food or drink to be brought into the venue. Self catered parties are excepted under our Vendor contracts.

We have a fantastic Kiosk on site with fresh barista coffee and a variety of food.


Q. Do you have anything for the small children to hold onto to help them skate?

A. Yes. We have an easily reachable ledge around the entire rink. Parents are also welcome onto the floor to help their children around.


Q. Can you tighten childrens wheels to stop them spinning or to spin very slow?

A. Unfortunately no. Tightening the wheels creates a safety hazard. It can crush the wheel bearings causing an unsafe skate, plus causes uneven wear on the wheels. We must also consider the next person to rent the skates and the danger it may pose to them.


Q. Is your Venue Airconditioned?

A. Yes. But it is Evaporative airconditioning which uses water to cool. In short, this type of airconditioning may struggle when the temperature is above 38 Degrees or in very high humidity. So far we have not exceeded 26-27 degrees inside the rink on days of 39-40 Degrees. Most recreation centres use this type of airconditioning, and coupled with body heat from skating, high summer temperatures and high humidity you may still feel warm. We recommend on very hot days to come to a 3-5pm or evening session.


Q. Can I wear "heelys" (shoes with in-built wheels) on the rink?

A. No. These shoes are not a "proper" skate and are designed for novelty purposes.


Q. Do you play games at your sessions?

A. Yes we do. We play games at all Public sessions which have a DJ. We also give out prizes to the winners.


Q. Am I allowed to make song requests?

A. Yes. Our DJ's are always happy to take song requests.


Q. What is the youngest age a child can skate?

A. In all honesty it depends on the childs ability and how well they take to it. Some children have been known to skate as young as the age of two.


Q. What is the smallest skate in skate rental?

A. Size JR 7


Q. Why don't you do toboggans at the rink?

A. In simple terms Toboggans in this day and age are considered an "Insurance Risk". It is generally not permissable to allow members of the public to use home/self/rink made equipment or modified equipment initially designed for age groups below those whom may use it on a rollerskating rink. All equipment provided to the public must be safety rated under the Australian Standards. Toboggans can often be dangerous if incorrectly used or built, therefore can readily cause injury, thus the user may not be covered by insurance in such an instance.

Secondly, toboggans tie up valuable skating time for patrons who are not participating.


Q. What are your weekday 10am to 3pm sessions?

A. Our weekday sessions are simply "general" skate time, without a DJ or specialist staff. Which means between 10am and 3pm public are welcome to come and skate unassisted. These sessions do although have minimal staff and are recommended for people who simply would like to have a skate around without the need for much assistance. As there are minimal staff on, the kiosk may not always be open during these sessions.


Q. How come I sometimes cant get through on the phone?

A. We only have one incoming phone line. When we are on the phone to another customer, or serving customers it generally will go to our message service. We try to answer every call, but there are times where we are very busy and it can become difficult. It is also important to call within our trading hours.

If you can't get through to us, please be patient, and simply send us an email or try again later.


Q. Can I carry my small child around the rink while I wear skates?

A. No. This is unsafe, and if you were to fall the child could be injured.


Q. Is it ok to take photos or use a mobile device while on skates?

A. We do not recommend holding any valuables whilst skating or on skates. By doing so, you are at increased risk of damaging those devices, particularly if you are new to skating. We cannot take responsibility if you drop a device or fall and break a device.


Q. What can I do if I have a problem at your venue?

A. Please speak to one of our friendly staff. If they can't assist you then speak with a member of our management team. If all else fails please send an email to the "Managing Director" at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are always happy to help. Hopefully everyones experience will be positive :)


Q. Can I post photos onto your facebook page?

A. Yes. But, all members in your photos must allow you to put their images online. We cannot be held responsible for images being posted without the consent of those whom are present in them. All images posted will be reviewed by us and if we deem them inappropriate, they will be removed.


Q. Can I film or photograph my children at your venue?

A. Yes. As long as it is strictly of your children or imagery containing your children. Please be aware that any photography or video of members of public which clearly identifies those persons requires permission and/or signed release prior to any public display. Rollerzone cannot be held responsible for imagery displayed in public that has been taken by third parties.


Q. What can I do if someone is filming or photographing my children?

A. There are strict child protection laws in place to prevent a third party from filming or photographing minors without their parents written consent. If you feel someone may be taking images of your child unlawfully, please inform a member of our management team. To date we have not had any issues. Finally, as we are not qualified to provide legal advice it is important that if you need further information on these laws we recommend contacting the department for child protection.


Q. Do you have disabled accees?

A. Yes. We have an access door to the East side of the building. This entry also contains our disabled toilet facilities.


Groups and Fundraising

Q. What fundraising is available?

A. We have a number of options available. Our most popular is our 50/50 fundrasing program where your organisation recieves 50 percent of the entry fee from a booked function.


Q. Do large groups recieve a discount on entry.

A. Yes. The amount depends on the size of the group and the requirements. We are always happy to help.




Q. Do I have to pay a deposit when booking a party?

A. Yes. All deposits must be paid within 3 Days of booking.


Q. Is the food portioned strictly for the paid party guests?

A. Yes. It is important to plan and book for all guests who will be eating so as to ensure there is enough food.


Q. How many children does a party room hold?

A. Our party rooms hold 12 Children comfortably. It is recommended that additional patrons do not occupy the room in order to allow maximum comfort for the children. If the party is greater than 12 Children we supply you with an additional room - the rooms open into each other.


Q. If my party runs out of cordial or water, what should I do?

A. Simply report to the kiosk and an attendant will return with additional drinks. If you have a host, please report to them and they will provide additional drinks.


Q. If I increase my party numbers on the day will there be any problems?

A. An increase upon or shortly before arrival can sometimes cause the following issues: 1. Food availability (We do have spare food, but if there are a number of increases, it does impact); 2. Space - The party room/s may already be at capacity and additional numbers may not fit.

3. Depending on the size of increase, it may cause delays in service of party food.


Q. When is the best time to do the Birthday Cake?

A. We recommend doing the cake immediately after food, so as to maximize skating time :)


Q. Is my deposit refundable should I choose to cancel a booking?

A. Generally deposits are non-refundable, unless we "Rollerzone" cancelled the booking (unlikely), or there is an uncontrollable circumstance which our management deem appropriate for refund. Deposits can be creditted towards another party in the event of cancellation if the customer desires.

It is very important to be 100% certain that your party is going ahead prior to placing a deposit.


Q. If I don't book a party host, will my party be looked after?

A. Yes. All parties have a "General Party Attendant". This person sets up the rooms, brings out the food, clears the tables, cleans the room, and ensures the party is informed when food or cake is ready. Please note that the attendant does not stay with the party, nor do they entertain the guests.


If you have any questions you feel should be added to this page or have any feedback, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.