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Cobras Roller Skating Club

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Speed Skating

Inline speed skating is a young and dynamic sport discipline sometimes described as “athletics on wheels”. You will need speed and stamina to cover the distance, strength to keep your place in the pack, as well as focus and fast decision making to outrace your opponents. Join our club to learn all these skills and more under the watchful eyes of our fully qualified coaches. Once up to speed, you can start to compete against other skaters of your age and skill levels. Firstly, in local speed leagues and as you improve, at the state, national and international championships. Our coaches follow Long-Term Athletic Development philosophy and will help you to achieve your sporting dreams gradually, at your own pace.


To find out more about competitive side of speed skating follow the link > Competitive Speed Skating

To have a look at what's happening in Australian Speed Skating follow the link > Speed Australia


But WAIT; there is MORE to it than just racing. Inline speed skating is highly regarded as a recreational activity practiced for health, enjoyment and social interaction. It’s a whole body workout, unlike cycling, and it makes your heart and lungs work harder than on the bike. It is also low impact locomotion with much less stress on your knee joints than running.   More about health benefits of speed skating here:


At our club we like to be inclusive and try to meet everybody’s expectations being it recreational participation or competitive racing. It is not uncommon for the kids to engage in the competitive side while the parents join to improve their health and fitness. It is one of the greatest aspects of inline speed skating – it brings families together.




Fridays: 5.00pm to 6.00pm - Cost = $10 and you get FREE Entry to 6pm - 8pm Session

Mondays: 6.00pm to 7.30pm - Cost = $10


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